Your new voice assistant is waiting for you to simplify your daily tasks.



Ask Luna to research the internet.

Open an app

Open an app or game with just your voice

Connected home

Manage your connected devices.

Set a timer

Create a timer, Luna notifies you as soon as the time is up.

Set an alarm

Set an alarm for Luna to remind you to wake up.


Ask Luna to count to a certain number.

Play music

Listen to your favorite music using Luna.

Weather Report

Discover the weather forecast near you.

Open a working mode

Create workspaces with different software.


Ask Luna to perform a calculation.


Keep up to date with your schedule.


Ask Luna to translate a word or phrase.


Learn the definition of a word

Synonym & antonym

Find synonyms and antonyms of a word.

Heads or Tails

Make your important choices using Luna's "Heads or Tails" feature.

Random number

Use Luna to pick a random number.